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Bomb parts?

Article about: Hi, I've found these 3 parts last week. I found those parts all near each other so I think they might be of the same projectile. That's why I post it in 1 forumthread. I gave the objects nam

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    Ok, I see what you mean. What part of an artillery round are you thinking of then?
    Thanks for helping!

    Kind regards,


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    It could be the bit on the front of a bomb, been doing more thinking about this is just a guess, perhaps the "plug" on the nose of a bomb that is kept there until it is fused, the hole in the middle may be for the "loop" that can be used to carry the bomb... again, just a guess on that one.

    Dean O

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    Not from a bomb, well not aircraft bomb anyway. Its only hand size so would be of no use if dropped from an aircraft. Bombs need to be very thick steel at the front to get penetration or be very thin cased for blast. It's the wrong shape for an old mortar (Newer mortars can be that shape) but is the right size and shape for an artillery shell.

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    Well, if you mean old for a Mortar round and you are talking Mortars or Arty rounds from the 1840s to 1870s, I would agree..this is very much like the fuse "holders" for some of those types of rounds, I have seen many of those over the years..and that would explain the hole in the center for the paper and waxed time fuse ( which was set of by the "fire" of the powder charge) when the round went off, however as I do not know the area in which this was found..we do not know for how long this area may have been used by the Military if ever.
    Now I am Pi**ed, I went looking in one of my displays for a US Civil War time tapered timed fuse I have..but it seems to be missing.

    Sorry for the spelling and perhaps my words may be a bit strong, or they may be disjointed a bit more than usual..
    got home an hour ago from the dentist...6 needles to freeze my face..I now look like a Goblin Shark, my upper lip could be a beak..and the whisky I am having is going down the outside, not the inside of my neck!!!

    Anyway, we need more info on the area in which it was found.

    Just My thoughts

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

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    Oh that sounds bad! I hope your face will be better soon then!

    I found this parts on the coast of France, near Calais. On the same location I've found a lot of German ww2 bullets. Sorry, I might have said that earlier on.

    If it's an artillery shell, how can I identify it? Or is it a too small part to identify?

    Kind regards,


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