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British Mills No.36 Grenade

Article about: This was an item I had fanicied buying for some years and I was happy to obtain this nice clean example with good original finish. The remains of the painted markings of the red "X"

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    Default Re: British Mills No.36 Grenade

    nice one for display, I have abeautiful untouched ww1 dated 36 Mills with all origional parts that was never filled with explosives it is dated 1918 on the outer shell with the company name of JP & S . On the base plug the wording states 36m Mk 1 PDC 40. this grenade was given to me by some old boy whilst in a pub who knew i collected militaria . Apparently he also had a dated SMLE Mk 1 but this was not deactivated so he was reluctant to part with it real shame that but still the grenade is really good . the only thing missing is the fuze.

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    sounds a nice mills .could do with the correct plug as the markings on it are of a ww2 no36m mk1 dated 1940 .you need a iron no36 m1 plug on the ww1 body .whats centertube like?

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