@Matt: my apologies, i just looked up the word glossy and it's not what i meant (english is not my native language).

The paint should be halfway between shiny and completely matte, so i suppose eggshell is a good description.

The measurements i gave were talen from an original manual.

Another classic mistake is using the same data for both filling and fusing.
Although this was possible in theory, in reality the chance of a shell being filled and fused on the same day by the same person must have been rather small.

Last tip: don't make the shell look to neat, it doesn't matter if a code is not 100% horizontal or faint.
I'be been collecting and studying german ammo for 25 years, and the vast majority of original shells i saw were not painted and coded according to regulations.
And what ever you do, don't use those rub off letters, they look horrible; instead, take some old plastic winecorks and fabricate your own stamps.