I'm stymied....I've been trying to figure out exactly what type of detonator would be used in the Wurfgranate 15 and Wurfgranate 16. So far I've been chasing my tail - and the closest thing I've come up with is the Sprengkapsel 8 ("detonator cap"). I know this can't be right based on the size and shape of the Sprengkapsel 8 compared to the detonator used in the Wurfgranaten.

I do know the detonator had to be placed in the fuze before firing and it appears to be a small caliber round, reminds me of a .22LR but a bit bigger.

I've attached some pics to help show you what I'm looking for. You can see the detonator round at the top of the Wurfgranaten and can compare it to the propellant round (8mm) in the tube. The third pic shows the case of the detonator round - these were found, intact, in their container during a battlefield Archaeological dig.

ANY help would be appreciated - I just need to know what the name of the detonator round is.

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