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Freebies :)

Article about: Don't know if this is a bit late or not but doesn't a .50 bullet have a taper in the back instead of the straight rear shown?

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    Default Freebies :)

    Hi all. I was lucky enough to be given these the other day (all inert):

    .45 Martini- Henry round, early brass foil (always wanted one of these)
    .45 Martini- Henry cartridge, headstamp: George Kynoch, Birmingham.
    A couple of cardboard Eley shotgun cartridges.
    .303, nice condition 1937 dated.
    .455 Webley, K41 VI headstamp, bullet possibly replaced?
    .45 Colt, W-W headstamp.
    .44 W, Kynoch.

    The large bullet (next to .303 for scale) I think is a .50 tracer, you can see the empty cavity but I am not sure what it is really, any thoughts? Cheers.
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    Nice freebies,thst sure is a long bullet in that .303 cartridge,the .50 cal. does look like a tracer....Pete.

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    The rolled case Martini is a Ball Mark III.

    The .303 appears to have the wrong bullet in it as there is no cannelure showing on the bullet. It is also not seated deep enough. Does it have a normal Ball Mark VII headstamp?

    The .455 Mark VI is definitely a modern reload as the Ball Mark VI should have a jacketed bullet.

    It is difficult to tell from the pictures but your .50 calibre bullet looks like a .5 inch Vickers to me rather than a Browning as it appears too short. If so I think it is an unfinished Semi-armour piercing tracer (FG Iz or later mark) as there is no turn over on the base of the envelope.

    What is the length of the .50 cal bullet?

    British Military Smallarms and Ammunition
    Collector, Researcher and Pedant

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    Thanks Tony. I thought the .455 should be jacketed.

    The .303 headstamp reads K 1937 above VII.

    The .50 is exactly 2in long.


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    Nice freebies.

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    well done James.

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    I'm with Tony on the .50, I was told (I'm sure Tony will confirm or deny) that no one made a nickel jacket round for the .5" Browning.

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    Thanks for the help guys. Regarding the bullet, could it possibly be a .5 Vickers incendiary? I was just having a look at a cross section of one and it was of similar construction. Cheers.

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    That is a good call, I had not thought of that.

    It certainly could be an Incendiary B Mark Iz that is unfinished without the base plug and closing disc. It would also explain the single cannelure. When I checked on the semi-armour piercing tracers the FG Iz and IIZ have two cannelures and only the FG IIIz (of which not many were made) has a single one. Also, the length of the FG bullets was about 46mm but as yours is 50mm but unfinished it is difficult to make a comparison. I don't have the length of the Incendiary bullet to hand but it will be about the same.

    The .5 Vickers incendiary is basically a scaled up .303 B Mark VII bullet.

    On balance, i think there is a good chance you are right.

    British Military Smallarms and Ammunition
    Collector, Researcher and Pedant

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    Cheers Tony. It always amazes me what can be found out about such small items. Thanks again.

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