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Garand ammo

Article about: Gday Folks, i have always wanted a Garand but will never be able to own one so i got the only thing i can get, a clip of ammo. can any one tell me what country these are from and if they are

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    The M25 dim ignition tracer to be exact.
    In 1942, the U.S. Air Force determined that a dim ignition tracer was warranted - one that wouldn't blind the pilot. The T10 Tracer was developed during early 1943 and identified by a dull orange tip. It had headstamps of F A 4 and F A 45 and is not hard to find if you know what you're looking for. In July 1945 the T10 became the M25 with a bright orange tip and this remained the official U.S. service tracer for the rest of the life of the caliber.

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    thanks for the replies and info, much appreciated

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    You could get a deac Garand in Australia but God knows what it would be worth-a live one would be a cat 'D' collector in some states but again would be very expensive-the country is now a closed market for auto/semi auto long arms.

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