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German Flare gun Ammo

Article about: Hi. When I am not in the forest digging,I am working at a local Garbage/recycling Place,quite a Nice job,and a big bonus is that it often comes in stuff from the war,,found alot there this s

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    what a find.

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    Quote by rabbitface View Post
    hi guys, I see different colours on the casings,
    can you tell me what the different colour smoke was used for ?
    many thanks Adam
    These are air-burst signal flares - 'stern' (stars). The significance
    of the colours would be interesting to know - ie: green vs red,
    1 star vs three stars, or combinations. There must be
    a training handbook on them ?

    All I have is a couple of modern empty Czech cases:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German Flare gun Ammo   German Flare gun Ammo  



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    Steve, not that I have any specific knowledge on the use of different color flares and such, but would that not be agreed upon before the individual mission/offensive and depending on what the commander of a mission though fitting i. e. red flares for this, green flares for that etc?

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    Yes, I think it would be agreed upon beforehand.........


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