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German S-Mine

Article about: hello, this is an interesting piece and something I would like to have but have never seen one and don't know anything about them. it is a S-Mine (Bouncing Betty) and could anybody comment o

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    Quote by rbminis View Post
    Hello David and welcome to the forum!
    I have edited your post to clear up all of the misquotes.
    Please feel free to post some photos, if you read the first 4-5 posts of this thread, you will understand how to do so.
    New picture posting feature - How to guide !
    Hi Ralph, thank you for your help here. Appreciated (y). I'll give it a go. want to post some images of a great find.

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    Hi Charles, I've uploaded a series of 5 images for my S.Mi.35 and one of the bottom of the stem and plate which is what I expected to see with my s-mine.
    Have you any answers why the stem plate is missing the manufacturing ring, plate and 6 screws which attached to this sample.
    I assume this held the powder charge, and wonder whether mine has something more mysterious. I don't see how I can disassemble the stem from this plate. I have seen this come apart as a 4" pipe, but do not see how it is possible with mine. Another reason to do this is to repair the missing screw (have only two in place) so that I may remount the three cardboard shafts to the base plate.
    This piece I am also trying to acquire.

    Any suggestions and comments you have is greatly appreciated.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German S-Mine   German S-Mine  

    German S-Mine   German S-Mine  

    German S-Mine  
    Attached Images Attached Images German S-Mine 

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    Default Smi Box set.

    Hi here are some pics of my SM.i.35.
    The boxes are all in need of a clean,, will get to cleaning then at some point.

    how do you rotate the piccs on here ?? Help!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German S-Mine   German S-Mine  

    German S-Mine  

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    Great thread. I was wondering whara I might look to find an original paint s-Mine with all the parts.... I would love to have just 1!

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