I recently cleaned out my garage and sorted some of my stuff.
I found many different German cannon shell casings, etc and because I do not collect items like these, they are to be given to someone, who does.
It would be ideal to get rid of this stuff all at once. Did not felt the need to put it up for auction on eBay, because the ad will be deleted anyways from there..
I can send these items with a courier to any European Union country.
There are over 500 items all together! Many Stug 3 shell casings, 2cm FlaK 38/30 cartridges, 10.5cm, 15cm and 7.5cm Howitzer casings, etc. Also many pieces, that have come from different boxes and transporters.
Plus there is some Panzerfausts (damaged in a battle explosion), signal flare pistol cartridges, pieces/fragments from different mines and bmbs, some MG-FF cartridges, etc.
The all-together price would be 2000euros (this includes shipping to any EU country, so no extra for that!), so less than 4€ a piece, you could have these items standing in the doorway of a new owner! And, you could learn about the battlefied of Sőrve (In Estonia, Saaremaa), because all these items came from different places in Sőrve)

German shell casings

If any further questions, you can also contact me via email: Habu00@hotmail.com
You can find more pictures of the items here: http://public.fotki.com/Habuallu/bjro/
2x pages
(also, I can take more pictures of the items, if needed. Just let me know!)

Take care,