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Got a new set of balls

Article about: by Walkwolf These are great. Do you know what caliber they are ? Looks like they were made in a gang mould where perhaps a dozen or so were poured at once. Please give us a heads up if you a

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    Default Got a new set of balls

    Musket balls of course.

    These came out of an estate in Georgia, in a crate full of musket balls. Some of them had the sprue still intact, with the word 'TOWER' stamped into it. This indicates that they were manufactured at the Tower of London! A note was found with the crate, which read "British supply depot, Savannah Georgia, Circa 1780." Savannah was under control of the British from 1779 to 1782.

    These came from forum member RZM. An interesting momento of a time when the Yanks and the Brits weren't such good friends...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Got a new set of balls   Got a new set of balls  

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    Really cool balls!

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    ian is offline


    we were friends then ,,,its just that the english got a bit peaved at having thier afternoon tea disturbed by some americans protesting about tax and other bothersome things ,,,just not cricket old boy

    well not with those balls its not

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    Better than blue balls...

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    At first I thought your gal had caught you with another chick.
    Those are cool buddy.

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    Those are some decent balls - great find.........!


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    What are those hook type features on the musket ball what purpose did it serve? Regards Larry
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    RZM is offline


    That's the last time I send my balls through the mail to you, Mo! Now you're going around and telling everyone about them! lol. Seriously though, this is one of the neatest collections I have ever come across. I just wish I could have been there when they were found! I can just imagine them being found in some long forgotten room in an old fort. Just think, these musket balls were made to kill American soldiers by one of our now allies!

    I might post a few of them in the For Sale section soon

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    Do you have pics of the crate and the note RZM.........?


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    Prof. Auguste Balls??
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Got a new set of balls  

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