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Headstamp RAL 32.

Article about: Need help with this catridge. Headstamp RAL 32. VII I don't have whole catridge... it is broken off on 36mm Who made it and when...

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    OK, I'll look for more then

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    Default Headstamp RL 37 VII

    Hey guys, Im new here. Found a live bullet yesterday about 6" down while metal detecting. Looks like a .308 but the end is beveled differently then i have seen. Any help identifying the headstamp and any other info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    Headstamp RAL 32.Headstamp RAL 32.

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    Found it in the rear of the oldest church in town. The church dates back to the 1600s but i know the bullet cant be that old. Note the marking that was used to clamp the bullet in place in the shell. Also notice the beveled edge of the shell. Found in New York US.

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    1937 Royal Laboratories mark 7 British .303

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