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Help with an ammo crate?

Article about: Okay... So this morning at the flea market I couldn't leave this behind. 10 bucks for what the guy thought was some Asian toolbox, (yes he was trying to sell it as a tool box). To me looks l

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    Perhaps 18 unities of something model 52, i don't find, not a gun.

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    The top line in the last picture says 18 52mm mortar bombs..the Israelis had a IMI 52mm model mortar..can`t read the rest....Pete.

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    it's dated 1973

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    Quote by zookeeper View Post
    it's dated 1973
    Indeed, sorry, I forgot about this thread. So your item is six years after the six day war.

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    It is hebrew. Do you still need help translating?
    That box held 18 mortar bombs, 52 MM, 6 bombs in a "case". They were colored green, and the whole crate weighed 35 Kg.
    Now for the strange part - the ammo was manufactured in 1973, by the writing on the crate, but IDF did not use 52 mortars after 1970...
    מרגמה 52 – ויקיפדיה

    So there you have it - a nice mystery

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