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Help with Id of bullets??

Article about: Hello all, sorry if anything is wrong still getting use to using the site and uploading pictures and such, soo please go easy on me What i have here is a 4 large bullets my dad has had for y

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    thank you for your answer by the way. Do you know what materials they used for these Practice rounds? must be cheap I guess for just target practice.

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    Hey Panzer,
    Sorry I didn't check back on this thread after I posted.
    To your question about being blue, Yes all practice rounds/ordnance are painted blue. From rounds to 500 pounders used by military aircraft. The material used on the rounds is a steel outer jacket with what seems to be aluminum tip. I have unscrewed the tips on some of these and the 20mm are hollow and other rounds were filled with a cement type material. I'm guessing to give the projectile the same weight as the real HE/AP rounds so that they have the same ballistics characteristics.

    Semper Fi

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