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Help needed identifying rocket/mortar

Article about: I recently picked up this item at a boot sale in France, could anyone out there help me identify it please. Thanks

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    Default Help needed identifying rocket/mortar

    I recently picked up this item at a boot sale in France, could anyone out there help me identify it please. Thanks

    Help needed identifying rocket/mortar

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    No idea what nationality or weapon it is from (sort of looks German to me), but I would guess that it is a smoke dispensing mortar bomb judging by the hole in the body.

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    It unscrews into 3 sections, I don't know if that helps with identification.
    Help needed identifying rocket/mortar

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    Going from the ruler it's only about 30mm, perhaps a sub calibre mortar training round?...
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    It is 30mm at its widest point gunny

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    Maybe it`s a bomblet from a type of cluster bomb...just a guess....Pete.

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    Thanks zwerge, I've been trying to look for mortar rounds and rockets I hadn't thought of bomblets

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    It`s possible what you have is a Russian 37mm mortar round for their spade mortar.
    Attached Images Attached Images Help needed identifying rocket/mortar Help needed identifying rocket/mortar Help needed identifying rocket/mortar 

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    Thanks zwerge it looks very similar, my one is only 30mm though. Would they use a smaller round in them for training etc?

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    It is a 30mm French sub calibre mortar training round "LOSFELD", for all calibre mortar used by the French army.

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