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I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

Article about: With respect, there are too many 'ifs' and 'maybes' involved. In regards to what may or may contain explosives: If there is but a shred or an iota of doubt, dont touch the think, call EOD. B

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    for sure i will show you exactly where i find it, in canada quebec.. go on google map and type this in the search. i nomore live there i live now 9 hours far from there near montreal. this place is called ''riviere-pentecote'' little village the next village to this is called ''pointe-aux-anglais'' this is in french in english it mean something like ''point or spike at english'' my father told me that they called this place like this because of the english boat crash there at the ''point/spike'' maybe this matter with war in quebec as the enemie as to pass this way to reach Quebec. or maybe not. this is interesting lol
    49.783481, -67.167202

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    very sound advice given, i once had a 36 mills bomb brought into our police stn by a guy whos dog picked it up in a local field , there was no pin no lever and i could see that the striker had dropped into the casing , the bomg sqaud were called and took it away , stated that it was completely live and was in an unstable condition it was detonated in a field afew miles away because they couldnt risk a long journey , the explosion w as heard a good 5 miles away and broke a few windows a mile from it , the mills bomb is one of the most destructive of its kind for that era and shrapnel can travel hundreds of yards, my advice would be to carefully remove it from you home as far away as safely possible and from neighbours,call the authorities and wait until they arrive so you can keep people going near it, do not let anyone try to tell you that if it hasnt gone off all these years theres no likelhood of it doing so now, better to look a fool than a martyr

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    Ruuun and call EOD!

    And remember; If you can see the grenade, it can see you.

    (I was told that bit of advice years ago, when I wanted to take pics of EOD blowing up a grenade).

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    well AZPhil i answered a long big text but moderator have not aproved it yet

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    Do you believe in heaven?

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    Im not sure where you want go with heaven ? X)

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    .....................strange developement of this thread.....................!?

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    This piece of junk did not cost even your finger. Dump away and forget if you cannot understand if it's live or not. Don't try to open it if you unsure what are you doing. Became a invalid in 20 y.o, is too bad.

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    Thanks anuspoilu for the reply.
    So do any of you Gent's who live up in the Great North know the area he is referring to were it was found and if there was a military presence there at any time?

    Semper Fi

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    Default Re: I found A grenade -----) No36 m Mk1

    As i can see the Grenade has no working parts, to dis-arm this your would take out the Det, anvil and fuze, then the pin, plunger and spring. which means the base plug has already been removed before, the only thing left is the powder if any. the only way it could hurt you at the moment is if you drop it on your foot.
    Both lugs have been ground off also, so i think it is a practice Grnd.

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