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I think this is getting a bit Much!!!

Article about: I think it's time to start thinning this out, this is not all I have as several items are on loan for display this time of year And of course there are about 25 Cannonballs!!! Dean O

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    You can never have to much.

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    Your Right, I love my US Civil War bits I did not mention..a 20 pounder perrott I found in NC, still live so I had to disarm it as well as a Confederate 12 Pound round ball made in NC, still has some of the tar coating on it..and the list goes on and on...many of my friends are waiting for me to pass they get first crack at my collection..that may sound evil, however I would expect the same!!! LOL

    Dean O

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    Beautiful! I like the variety of grenades you have there too....excellent. And hopefully your friends will have to wait a long time more Dean! Thanks for sharing these pics

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    Thanks Bill!!!

    Dean O.

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    Very nice ! You don't have an extra Milles Bomb base plug do you ?

    Cheers Chris

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    Nice collection of grenades and fuses you have there dean.


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    One can never have too many toys, only the lack of room in which to store them. At least that is what I told my wife.

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    What an amazing collection you have there, you have some very nice sectioned greades

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