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Identifiaction Sought for 1kg Incendiary Bomb

Article about: Hi all Can anyone tell me if this 1kg incendiary bomb has been made safe. It looks like a hole has been made in the cap. I can blow into it and air comes out of the holes on the side. I unde

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    As with any type of ordnance, you must treat as live until proven otherwise, it may help if you showed the whole thing with any additional markings and these holes along the body, even practise bombs had a detonation charge in them to show results of impact and marking landing areas, try to read the nose markings more clearly, these will help to ID what you have but until then do not attempt to unscrew, or poke anything inside just in case

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    Good advice, Dave!
    When I was a kid in Germany there was a somewhat humorous incident when the chimney-sweeper told an elderly homeowner that she had an incendiary device in her attic. She didn't seem upset at all and actually knew that they had simply patched the roof and left the device in place, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I am surprised at some of the advice given in this thread. As has been pointed out, all ordnance should be treated as live unless proved otherwise. This 'proof' should be sought from an ordnance expert and not attempted by a collector. It is well known that explosives, particularly those used by the Germans, degrade over time and split into constituent parts. Some of these can leech into the threads of a fuze. When unscrewed, the friction is enough to ignite the explosive and It's goodnight sweetheart.

    Don't fiddle with it or poke stuff in it. Get accurate weights for a live example and an inert one and use that as you initial basis for determination.

    Get it checked by an expert.

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    I see I ruffled a few feathers with my comment earlier in this thread (apologies). You may also note I did make a comment of running for the police. If you do in fact do decide to call the Police or the local EOD man then do just that, don't go taking the thing down your local cop shop. They just won't thank you for that. I have spent about 3 hours looking for the examples I have here. They were packed away but I found them... and they are safe, inert, dead. I have wieghed them in an effort to help you decide wether you need to make a call or not. I used the kitchen scales and both came out at around 685grams. I have also attached a photo of a ruler placed inside the main cavity showing the depth it actually goes to.
    If in doubt, take it outside to the bottom of the garden and place in a bucket of water.
    Hopefully something from this will help.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Identifiaction Sought for 1kg Incendiary Bomb   Identifiaction Sought for 1kg Incendiary Bomb  

    Identifiaction Sought for 1kg Incendiary Bomb   Identifiaction Sought for 1kg Incendiary Bomb  

    Identifiaction Sought for 1kg Incendiary Bomb  

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    Interesting D, were these dropped on Jersey ??


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