Due to impending house move and not really having anywhere to display it im just asking around if anyone is interested in the inert 8-inch High Explosive artillery shell that i have. Ive posted thread on this shell in the past here on the forum so should be easy enough to see pics of it. Dont have a clue if its WW2 or after but its complete with green paint and yellow stencilling on shell body and correct fuze fitted and in unfired good condition and makes a simply awesome display item. It stands around 4 foot tall at a guess and is 203mm (8-inch) wide at widest point with un-scored copper driving band. Its pretty heavy as it has been filled with concrete to make sure it can never be filled with H.E again so the weight is around 250lbs at a guess. it can easily be moved on a sack-truck or two fit guys can lift it easily. The general rule with price set by the guy i bought it from is 1 per lb of weight. I bought it for 250 which is very fair price as you wont find another like this anywhere in a hurry. If anyone is seriously interested in giving it a good home the best thing is to send me a text message via my mobile on 07548016272 with your name and number and i will call you on house phone as signal in our area is diabolical to say the least! Regards, Tim Heath.