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Type 100 20mm HE-T-SD (High Explosive, Self-Destruct, w/ Tracer) Anti-Aircraft Round for the Japanese Type 98 Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Tank Cannon. Maker: Toyokawa Arsenal

- Includes original cardboard tube.

Had my wife partially translate the writing. But not sure if the picture I took of the top is upside down or not

Top of tube: Top: "98 Automatic" , "Tracer Self Destruct Anti-Aircraft H.E.".

Side of tube

Right column: "98 Type, High Angle (Anti-Aircraft), Machine Firing (Automatic) Cannon Ammunition",
2nd from right column: "100 Type, Tracer, Self Destruct, High Explosive AA Projectile, Complete Round".
3rd and4th columns with date codes and factory information.



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