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is this a legit 1912?

Article about: Is this an authentic Russian 1912?

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    Default is this a legit 1912?

    is this a legit 1912?
    Is this an authentic Russian 1912?

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    is this a legit 1912?is this a legit 1912?
    more pictures

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    Sorry, I realize the handle is fake, but other than that I mean. Thanx

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    You have to be very carefull with these they make fake ones in Russia and they are very good fakes ,The head part on this one looks good and looks ground dug and you can see where the top has been taken off to remove the TNT ,but it looks like replacement parts have been used to repair the grenade so wouldnt be one for me

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    Many thanks Kradman. I see the seam you referenced. I gotta say I really say I got excited when I saw this example available in the states as they aren't exactly easy to run across here, at least not MANY, & I've really after this grenade for a while now & having a couple russian friends trying to find one for me hasn't been productive. It may go relatively cheap ($200 USD or so) & I just may pick it up. Again, you've been most helpful Kradman, thank you!

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    That is really cool looking, gotta find one for my collection. Could we see a photo from the top?

    Dean O

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    No problem TimmyMac they are quite hard to find and for that price i think worth buying

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    That's all I have on this particular example CampX, but I believe Lex has a top view on his site. If your unfamiliar with his site, you are in for a treat! A absolute "must have on favorites" for the inert grenade collector. Its one of my "bible's" along with " The Grenade Recognition Manuel" as well as a few others.
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