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Looking for info on this Bomb.

Article about: Looking for info on this Bomb. American, German, British or who's?

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    Default Looking for info on this Bomb.

    Looking for info on this Bomb. American, German, British or who's? Looking for info on this Bomb.

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    That is certainly a converstion piece for the bedroom!!!

    How does the line go? "Want to come to my room and see my four foot banger"!!!

    Seriously, are there any markings, printed or stamped into the casing, any openings, screw covers etc?

    It looks like a pratice bomb of some sort and I am guessing that if it is in the US then that is likely where it originated (although some allied crews did train there due to weather and space) as it is not exactly something grandad would have brought home in his kit bag!



    Edit, just looked again and that's not actually a bed in the corner of the pic is it? I did wonder about the combination of the bomb and tyre!!!
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    That's what I'd assume. I did notice something when looking at hundreds of bombs on the net. It seems to me like they are a certain "style" for each country. I guess it's like cars of that era. Most US and GB bombs have a little different "style" as opposed to German bombs. Am I crazy or is there some truth to this? Anyway, I think I will go and see if there's any numbers hiding somewhere. Also it is in need of a restoration if that is OK. Has been painted before so the finish is not original. Oh, it does have about a 1 1/4 screw in fuse nose on the tip. Not sure if the back is fusable but I will find out. THanks

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