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M24 frag Sleeves..

Article about: While I had a little free time I cleaned up a few bits,, was surprised how well they cleaned up. lots of crud in the grooves and was well cemented in there,, but came loose after a bit of wo

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    When I get free time, I clean the garage or do the yard work. When Jeeensy gets free time he cleans up SUPER cool stuff to go in the already unbelievable collection! Haha. Seriously though, really nice sleeves! How are ya Nick? I'm new to this forum & first time post. I saw M24 frag sleeve title & loveseeing ANYTHING on WWII era sticks. Anywho, hope all's well in your world !!

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    Thank you Tim.. all ok here,, just really busy and not a lot of time to things,, hope to have free time later,, will pm you later,,

    will post more as time goes on,, and time is around me .

    Cheers nick

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