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M24 Stielgranate

Article about: Here I show you a case for the M24 StGr and two grenades. I realy like the M24 Stielgranate, after the Stahlhelm it is the most reconnizable German ww2 item. These are ground-dug relics. One

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    Default M24 Stielgranate

    Here I show you a case for the M24 StGr and two grenades.

    I realy like the M24 Stielgranate, after the Stahlhelm it is the most reconnizable German ww2 item. These are ground-dug relics. One has a other stick that came out a German bunker because the original wood of the grenade was to bad. Except the explosive they are complete, I replace the explosives with clay to keep the correct weight.

    The case I get from a POW who take it home with his clothes inside. The rack inside is also a relic.
    Maybe one day I find enough to fill it, but finding the M24 in good condition is rare now.
    Hope you guys like it!
    Attached Images Attached Images M24 Stielgranate M24 Stielgranate M24 Stielgranate M24 Stielgranate 

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    Default Re: M24 Stielgranate

    I just love those can we see pics of the inside of the case please. Eric

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    Default Re: M24 Stielgranate

    great stuff!

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    Default Re: M24 Stielgranate

    Very nice. Thanks for showing.


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    Nice,,,,, and the case is in great condidtion. Do you need a good inner rack for the box??

    Regards nick

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    Yes, I'm still looking for a nice inner rack for the case. A friend of mine has dug up a few of them, but they are in relic condition,
    The case is in very good condition indeed. It has a story; I found in on the garbish tip some years ago, someone had dumped it in the scrap metal container, so i pulled it out. I asked the guy who works there who threw it out, and he told me an old man from the village had chucked it in the container. So I went to see him, to ask if he had any more German gear. He was very supprised anybody had interest in the case. He told me he was a forced labourer in the war, forced to work in Germany. When the war ended he picked the case up somewhere, emptied the content and put his cloths and personal belongings in and started to walk home. He kept it for years in his shed, and was now cleaning up, so finaly he got rid of it. He didn't have any other items left from the war, he just needed a suitcase for his gear.

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    Just thought I'd post a pic of my last addition of 2015 - a M24 Steilgranate transit case. I hesitated before buying as it looked quite rusty in the photos - but the seller had made no effort to clean it up ( I actually prefer it that way ).

    When it arrived, much of the rust was 'air rust', and cleaned away very easily using a brass wirebrush - which revealed a lot of the original colour ( camera flash has made pic #1 look too light ). The interior is very clean indeed and I haven't touched it ; the locking mechanism also works smoothly. It's a relatively late one ( 1941 dated ) and the labels are dated 1942 which is nice - my only M24 ( bought 20 years ago ) is also from 1942.

    M24 Stielgranate

    M24 Stielgranate

    So, all I need now is an internal rack and another 14 M24 grenades.....

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    Hi Martin, nice condition case. M24 is a favorite of mine to collect!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M24 Stielgranate   M24 Stielgranate  

    M24 Stielgranate  

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    That is a fantastic case of joy right there. Great collection

    Semper Fi

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