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Mills confusion?

Article about: Hello, I'd be gratefull if anyone can help me identify the centre grenade in this pic? The filler plug is; Brass .397" / 10.08, dia. The base plug doesn't seem right it's loose, dated 4

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    Quote by Panzer 3 View Post
    Hi Navyman,
    As spotter says it is a No5, i have compared it to mine, you have a nice grnd there. Be a nice display piece when you finish it,
    good ones are getting hard to find.
    Thank you for the confirmation that the grenade is a No 5. I'm making enquiries about finding a set of components to refurbish it.
    Attached is a picture of the temporary mechanism which I made to demonstrate the workings to my son who found it in the first place. The lever flies off very well !
    Best regards,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mills confusion?  

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    Hi guy,
    Thats a nifty piece you made to show your son, and if he found it in the first place he has a good eye for a deal. Tell him to keep his eye,s peeled. Spotter is the man for grnds, he has a great collection of sectioned ones. and told me how to section my own,.
    Here is one you can look at to compare and show your son.
    It is a 36, Mk1. hope you like it.

    And some of my grenades

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