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Mortar round?

Article about: Can anybody tell me what this is and it's value? It's 67cm in length.

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    I could get a load of these for less than 75 - 100 euro a piece.... So I would not pay $ 300,-.... Many of these rockets are found and deactivated by "black diggers".... Nothing wrong ny this - except it is illegal... :-)

    I was in Germany 3 weeks ago and saw 8 rockets in good shape - all about to be deactivated....

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    I'd agree $300 is high, especially for something that'd be a dodgy shipment since inert ordnance isn't exactly in favour with most postal systems these days. I'd also be very wary of anyone who's acting the way you describe...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    I agree with above wise comments. Pics probably come from a large auction site called egun where you can find this kind of stuff, mainly for germany only. For a relic piece I think the price is high and you still have the big question mark of the shipping, which could be expensive too and not painless...


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    i agree,,,sounds like a shady person to me,,,

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    I've been trading with this guy for a long time now and he's always sent the pictures like that but most of the stuff I have gotten (with the exception of one fake kepi that he took back) has been great stuff. He's sent me vintage stick grenades, relic helmets, police helmets, bayonets, buckles, you name it and it's been good stuff.

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    $300 is still a hell of a lot.

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    He wasn't asking $300 for it. The pics do come from some auction site in Germany, no doubt about it, he doesn't want me to know what he pays for the stuff and I don't care, I don't want him to know what I pay for the artifacts I trade to him.. that's what all this is about, a trade. I have two artifacts on my desk right now that he wants, I paid 325.00 total for the two. He is now showing me a variety of things he can get over there, I simply needed to know the ball park value of the rocket, that's all. I'm not forking out cash, it's not the only thing on the table either... just one of many things. 75-100 euros is what I needed to know really. With that I can make an educated offer for it if I decided to. Thanks to all who replied.

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    Quote by Cannonman17 View Post
    ....I was only looking for a rough ballpark figure because he wanted to trade it for some of my old indian pottery, the pottery I have is worth about $300.00 If I trade for this item I want to turn and sell it for a profit so that's the whole story....
    You were the one who quoted $300........NOT me.

    Steve T

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    I said the pottery I have was worth 300.00 and was looking for an idea of what the rocket was worth but whatever.

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    Quote by Cannonman17 View Post
    I said the pottery I have was worth 300.00 and was looking for an idea of what the rocket was worth but whatever.
    Maybe he is trading with you because it is to his advantage, cause its a lot of hassel otherwise? Push your prices up, ask for 3 rockets, if he doesen't go for it accept that you will be ripped off because he is in Europe and you are not? A supply and demand issue, simple? If the shoe is on the other foot and he craves your resources make the twat work for it?!

    All the best,


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