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My little old 8.8

Article about: Far out I never knew about the driving bands stamped like that, thank you for sharing. Wow I would have loved to have been around when they were parting ways with them for scrap, seriously I

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    Thanks Matt, you certainly are the man when it comes to this stuff. You are right it's not a Kwk36 projectile as I was told but more like a PzGr 39, though it's not yet in my hands to look at yet. I've come a wee way with my rounds. Today I fully stripped 3 cases back bare and now the Finnish paint is off it's become clear the primers are not gun blue rather they are painted the same colour as the AZ fuzes and one being bare. The yellow paint is darker than the flash shows, it's the same shade as the tabs on an old Luftwaffe officer tunic I had years ago. As luck would have it I have 3 C/22st primers on their way in as well as a single 88mm transport canister for the forth round. And now I'm working on the stencil marking for these. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find a third HE projectile, I find one and I've completed where I want to be with the 88s.

    Thanks Phil, I did say that to my partner just the one in the corner, she no longer believes anything I say now.
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    I have located a third projectile for the 3 rounds in the box. My 3 C/22st primers have arrived in the country. The PzGr39 projectile for the forth fLAK 18 case should be about a month away. I'm in talks and arranging for this old Kwk43 now. She was unearthed 3 months ago and is a veteran from the battle of Berlin with the 9th army. I do know it has most of the brass wash and the markings on the side of the casing. I'll have more info on it further down the track.
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    Here is a picture of the powder bag out of the KwK43. She's all a go and should be on it's way within the next few days to a week. I'm very excited. My next one I will be lining up is a Flak41.
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    Spent a few hours on the markings, all hand painted on and a real test of patients. Much better looking than Finnish paint screaming remove me.
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    Very nice KwK43 round- they're monsters, and it's definitely nice to have the bags as well. A 41 will be a cool find- they seem to be pretty rare. And yeah, what you have there for your Sprgr. is a lot nicer than the post-war paint
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Question KwK43 round.... NICE!


    I am amazed that they didn't blow that in place as the small Bodenzunder for the KwK43 AP projectile is so damn touchy when it get old.... No centrifugal blocks.

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    Nice painting job. Personally i would "age" them a bit to give it the old look. Nothing beats the KWK43 cartridge.

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    Ah Kees...

    You are the king of the KwK43!

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    Hassiman, its one of my problems and i wont believe i can cure this.

    About the FLAK 18 painting, i had 3 flak 18 the same as you. steel cases etc and the Finnish paint on it. I had to make a nice set to fill a original basket and here is how i "restored" them. The 3 on the left are the repainted FLAK 18's. The others have original paint. First i painted them with a mix of brown/yellow/paint in layers (old brass) after that i heated the casings up to about 100 degrees, and put a mix of gold paint/yellow on it. After that i heated the shell and projectile again and added old engine oil, grease etc over it, than again heating it up with a torch, cleaned them up with scotchbrite until i had the old look. after it i made shades with brown/black paint on it to get the used look. The markings on the shell were added by making a stencil out of paper and dipping scotchbrite in paint, and apply the paint with scotchbrite and the stencil on the shells.

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    I will drag out my one remaining 8.8.

    It is a rare original paint very late (I believe Jan or Feb 1945 ) Berlin manufacture. The paint is quite faded but untouched. I believe it is a battlefield recovery as the base is a bit corroded but the body only a tiny bit.

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