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My little old 8.8

Article about: Far out I never knew about the driving bands stamped like that, thank you for sharing. Wow I would have loved to have been around when they were parting ways with them for scrap, seriously I

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    Quote by Rob L View Post
    Hey Matt. Thank you for that info. I thought it looked strange. I've google imaged to try and find another like it but come up with nothing. She runs a C/22st that is well and truly corroded in place and does not appear to have had a cap on top. I have no history with where it was found just one I pick up out of the UK. Here is a picture of the Flak 18 on it's way. The C/12st is also corroded in place and this one was dug up in Poland only recently as a matched pair.
    Sure thing- I should clarify too that what I mean by my understanding being that there were early shells without caps is that I have seen them and there's no indication they ever had the caps- not that I know for sure there was an official type, etc. like that.

    The original 8,8cm Pzgr. 39, the type with the large charge space and taking the very big base screw/fuze 'Bd. Z. f. 8,8cm', has a cap and nose that's just a bit more curving than the 39/1 we're more familiar with.

    I suppose it's possible there was a stock of unfinished penetrators after the war and perhaps because they were a lot less dangerous to salvage than ones with a charge, that's why they appear? I don't know. But since the cap is supposed to have been soldered on, and itself is a solid piece of steel (only the nose is hollow), it's harder to believe they'd somehow come off and been lost than there to have been an intentional capless type made before the cap was found to be necessary. It's doubtless a function of the armour being penetrated as to whether or not a cap is needed, and early on the armour faced wasn't usually particularly heavy...

    That KwK43 looks nice- as we're on the subject, the white nose paint apparently denotes the 39/1 design- i.e, smaller bursting charge and BdZ5127 fuze; although in this case it's a 39/43 but it still has the same size charge and fuze.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Here are some guns to fire it I took 2011 near Lutezsh Ukraine
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My little old 8.8   My little old 8.8  

    My little old 8.8   My little old 8.8  

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    Hi rob,
    nice one mate it looks great bit big for my collection though, i once had to send a ww1 stick Grnd to aus, and getting a perit for the guy was a head ache. thanks for showing it .

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    The wait has been worth it =) These things are stupidly big, I love them. My third is now on it's way. Since these I've been offered all sorts of rounds one being a KM 12.7 from the destroyer Karl Galster, very random. Wow now one of them would look awesome sitting out front of the house, thank you for showing =) It's good to see plenty of them still about.

    I can't wait till my 8,8 AP arrives, it will be interesting to see if it did have a soldered top or not, of late I've seen many of these stumpy tops on the market.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My little old 8.8  

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    Hi guys. Been a wee while since I've posted anything on here. I'm only weeks away from completing my forth Kwk43 thus rounding up my collection of 88s. I do have other rounds including a kwk 43 that I'm letting go local since they are together. It's been fun but stressful.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My little old 8.8   My little old 8.8  

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