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My little old 8.8

Article about: Far out I never knew about the driving bands stamped like that, thank you for sharing. Wow I would have loved to have been around when they were parting ways with them for scrap, seriously I

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    Default My little old 8.8

    Hi guys. Here is my little old flak18 88 I picked up a month ago. She's running an Az 23/28 fuze etc. Not sure the history of this one other than no Finnish markings and it's original paint remaining. It has no primer but I'm trying to track down a C/22st for it. The projectile cannot be taken off it, she's well stuck in there. I have another one of these in the same configuration on it's way in from off shore as well as another shell case.
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    Hi Rob.

    She's nicely marked. Great 88.........!


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    Thanks Steve. The bug has set in with these, I couldn't just have one like I promised my partner but trying to ship one of these has not proved too easy. I had to have the other broken up as not to cause a bomb scare when it hits customs

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    Default the round but I don't recognise the box. I've only ever seen metal containers for one round, 3 round wicker containers and the 3 round wooden box. I can well imagine the stir these would cause in Customs. Do you obtain permission before shipping and if so is it difficult to obtain ? Reason I ask is that I have a few 8,8cm rounds and was planning on sending them to my son in Australia. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi there. You would be right on the box, this one is just home made by myself just to protect it from rusting. I'm not too sure on the law in Australia on these? I had to check with the police, environmental protection agency and customs. Enviromental gave the go ahead as long as it had no primer, customs said ring Enviromental and the police just laughed saying it's empty so just scrap as far as they are concerned. The biggest problem is someone to carry it UPS, Fedex etc would not, any would have to come surface and how I managed was (chatting up a receptionist for a while) and to have it broken down in parts so if they do open it they can see strait away she's empty. But it took a week of ringing around and hardly anyone wanting to move it. I understand it's near impossible to get these out of places like France & Germany. I tell you it's making me nervous that it will even show up though there should be no problems yet alone going through it again for a fuze for the third one and then tracking a projectile to match. I would really check that out 110% before I'd do that, these are to good for anything to go wrong.

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    Good idea breaking them up and shipping the pieces separately.
    I hope they all get through.........!


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    Great looking 88. I am still looking for one myself.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Great shell. Now you just need a Flak 36 to go with it as an accessory

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    Thanks guys. I'd certainly look for one from where your from before looking overseas, it's a real nightmare finding someone to carry these. Where I'm from I've got no option as these are rear to come across. My second one is sitting on the docks waiting for a ship. Currently I'm looking for a projectile to complete a third, seems they are the hardest part to find. Zib-militaria show a box of about 50-60 of them but you guessed it, not for sale out side of Germany. Hmmmm a Flak 36 would be a nice addition, My partner knows I'm crazy enough to build one if I couldn't have a genuine example. =)

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    I had a number of the 13 SK 6 44 projectiles. They were part of the Finnish projectiles sold off for scrap when Finland decommissioned the 8.8cm a while back. Some had their driving band stamped VAARATON (INERT) Many did not. I will try and post a pic of my original paint 88 sometime soon. The original German paint was sandblasted off of these and a weak yellow paint was sprayed on to increase resale value. The original WW2 paint on my round looks time faded and very uneven. It was probably a battlefield round as the base shows evidence of corrosion. It has a mint AZ23 on it but unfortunately the fuze is live. Inside is a dewatt Gaine and its holder. I was luck to find those bits. Very rare.
    This is the last piece of my 8.8cm collection. Sold all but this. Should have never sold my KwK43 KonigsTiger AP round.

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