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My restorations & collection.

Article about: Great thread..I only know what its like to dig in training area's. I really envy you guys who get to dig battle sites.

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    This is a fantastic thread and great pictures.
    I think the helmet in the fire contains cartridges with the bullets removed, it is then placed in the fire to heats it burning the gun powder/cordite out of the cartridges and making them inert. The heat of the fire is probably too low to cause lasting damage to the helmet, unless of course it still retains some of the original paint. Argh!!! The heating and cooling (expanding and contracting) of the helmet also probably helps to remove some of the surface rust.

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    I thing he just wants to blow them (the cartridges). My gradfather did the same, then he was a child, but with lot more powder and cartridges. He caled it "katiusha"

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