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Mystery shell?

Article about: wow- has that ever got to be a rare bird...

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    Default Mystery shell?

    Mystery shell?Mystery shell?Mystery shell?Mystery shell?Mystery shell?Bought this at a local auction last night. Looks to be german WW2?
    Was looking for info as to country of origin/weapon used in etc.
    Passed up 1943 us 37mm shell as well as 40mm bofors shell for it.
    Hope i made the right call..........

    Thanks, Patrick.

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    Default Re: Mystery shell?

    The headstamp 'font' and coding is very close to German style of markings. However, I can't ID it precisely for you I'm afraid, but do believe it to be German in origin.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Mystery shell?

    Thanks steve.
    It does look to be german, but....can not determine caliber etc.
    It has a slightly larger curcumference wise than my american 37mm shell casing.
    The shell has a marking of w b w 35t. Was wondering if german tank shells were marked according to model of afv. 35t=pzkw 35t?
    Just a thought.

    Sorry for the crappy spelling.

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    Default Re: Mystery shell?

    The code dbh on the primer is listed to Mannesmann,Dusseldorf plant,Germany.It looks like code aux on the rim,that is Polte-Werk,Magdeburg,Germany.What is the length in MM,what is the diameter in MM,is it steel or brass,the marking St after 35 indicates steel,give us some info to go on.
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    Default Re: Mystery shell?

    I can't see too clearly but is that a Kriegmarine eagle just to the left of the number 37.... looks to be similar with black paint in it.... am I correct?

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    Question Re: Mystery shell?

    Just a thought to throw into the discussion ( as I don't immediately recognize the item )......but in size and shape it looks very similar to a Coffmann-type starting cartridge...?

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    Default Re: Mystery shell?

    I was coming to the same conclusion Martin, especially given the lack of 'normal' blast cap. Would the rim of the cartridge not be rolled though if it was a starter ? The British ones I've seen all have a rolled rim.

    Steve T

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    Lightbulb Re: Mystery shell?

    You're right, Steve.....British aero-engine ones are brass and have a rolled rim, whereas this one looks steel. However, the painted lettering makes it look like something which would be re-used.

    I am really guessing here, as I've never seen a German one...Kriegsmarine was mentioned ; Coffman-type starters were sometimes used on marine Diesels....?

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    Default Re: Mystery shell?

    The more I look at this one the stamp seems to be a Kriegsmarine waffenamnpt for sure..... come on does anyone else see it or am I going daft here. Also... the primer looks to be live!

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    Default Re: Mystery shell?


    this is a cartridge for the Wasserbombenwerfer C/35, a charge to fire the C/35 depth charge projector.

    See: ## 50x159R what's that ?? ## WBW C/35

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