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Need help identifying a bullet

Article about: "Gun fires gun fires gun stops" Ain't got the same ring to it has it Steve With a magazine of rounds Load! with a magazine of bullets Load! See there is a difference xx

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    Default Need help identifying a bullet

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My son and I went to a WW2 fair, someone kindly gave my son a bullet that looks like a .50cal 1954, but I don't know what the rest mean?

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    It's British you can tell by the arrow/crow's foot stamp. RL shows it was made at the Royal Laboratory, in Woolwich.

    Welcome to the forum, your son will have the collecting bug soon if not already

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    .303 Royal Laboratories 1954 Mk 7 (powder)

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    thanks for your help guys

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    As stated, it is a .303 inch Ball Mark 7 made by Royal Laboratory, Woolwich in 1954. It was loaded with cordite ("powder" in British terminology generally means blackpowder).

    If it was a .50 calibre it would be about twice the size,

    1954 was about the end of production at RL before it closed.

    British Military Smallarms and Ammunition
    Collector, Researcher and Pedant

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    Makes sense. Thanks

    To KradSpam... My son DOES have a collecting bug now. :-)

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    Of course Tony you are right Cordite was used up until the 1950's, just trying to make a distinction between the v11 and the v11z, which I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong was cordite strips, but the v11 was flakes, and a slightly different constitution

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    Nice to see a youngster getting the collecting bug. However, let's get him started off on the right foot !!!

    Bullet = The projectile that leaves the gun and travels at high speed through the air until it hits the ground or something else.

    Cartridge = The brass/steel container for the propellent charge and which also serves as a 'holder' for the bullet.

    Round = A cartridge and a bullet when together as one piece

    What you have is a CARTRIDGE not, by any means, a BULLET. Once he gets this terminology correct, collecting will become a lot easier and he won't set pedants like myself off on one........

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    OUCH!!!! It's not a GUN! it's a weapon or rifle xx

    A gun is something a seven mile sniper will use. Remember Full metal Jacket? "This is my rifle this is my GUN"

    sorry Steve, a bit picky I know, but I used to slap anyone that said gun
    "Weapon fires, weapon fires weapon stops, on looking at the cocking handle it's fully forward.....carry on

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    Default Re: Need help identifying a bullet

    LOL !!!

    I can feel a 'pedant battle' shall forthwith commence.......

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