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Ordnance Identification

Article about: The only commerical company I can think of off the top of my head is BACTEC, I'm sure there are other companys in the UK but you would probably have to do a little seaching first Thanks Dann

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    The only commerical company I can think of off the top of my head is BACTEC, I'm sure there are other companys in the UK but you would probably have to do a little seaching first



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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    Can you imagine the face of the firearms dealer when he's presented with it!

    Unfortunatly if you called EOD, they would probably take it away and smeg it, live or safe. Does anyone know a commercial EOD operator in the UK who would have a go? I would have a look myself but I doubt my Military insurance would cover it. Not that it covers much anyway!
    This would sure raise some pulses. It is very possible this is a H.E round and if it is even drilling the case and flooding it with oil will still not render the H.E contents of the projectile inert, so if it is an H.E i think its going to be impossible to deactivate unless the head is removed and again its doubtfull even an E.O.D tech would attempt this due to its age etc. If it was handed in i reckon theyd just blow it up rather than risk blowing themselves up. Shame really but either way its not going to be easy to hang onto. If it were me id give it a wide birth as its just not worth risking a fatal injury and not worth doing porridge for as its not a mega rare round and i have seen them at the shows at reasonable cost. Regards, Tim.

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    I'm EOD qualified and I have to admit I would probably prefer to blow it, unless I was quite confident (i.e. by feal and close examination) that it would be safe to remove the head for further checks.

    I recovered a little pom pom round from a Police station where it had been handed in by some council refuse collectors, I picked it up and could tell straight away it was inert. You should have seen their faces when I pulled the head off, I've never seen so many Police officers s**t them selves and then the relief of seeing it empty!

    Currently, when the military release a piece of ammunition or explosive device thats Inert or made safe, we issue a FFE Certificate (Free From Explosives) which is signed by a Suitably qualified person of at least SNCO rank, this would normaly be an Armourer or a Ammo tech. The unique serial number is then etched or marked onto the item the cert relates too. I even had to get a Wood and Aluminium 1000lb Paveway II marked up as FFE, Even though its never contained or ever will contain anything other than spiders.

    As Tims Mentioned, its better to be safe than sorry!

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    I've been in contact with several folks by phone since last post and thought you'd enjoy their feedback.

    Local military base won't touch it due to age and something outside their scope of training, but thought they might be up for a challenge.

    Spoke to a local military museum. They recently had a similar shell donated and wanted it checked out so they called the closest experts - local Police Department Bomb Squad (in a major city). They were willing to blow it up and return the fragments, but other than that they could not help.

    Was referred to a gentleman in Virginia who specializes in Civil War relics and ordinance. After sending him photos and information about the item he replied by e-mail that this shell is "...way past the Civil war and not something I work with at all." Really nice guy...and apparently very smart.

    I'm tempted to take it out to the ranch (50-miles from nowhere), tie one end to a tree with a chain and the other end to the truck with about 200-ft of rope and pull...... :-) Did I hear someone say "you might be a redneck if...."?

    Just joking.

    Thanks for everyone's feedback. Doesn't look like there is an easy solution for this one. Will keep it cool, isolated, and pointed toward the woods.

    Best Regards to All

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