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Putting 88 shell back together

Article about: Excellent- glad to hear it all helped. Smart ideas freezing and heating the parts to allow just that much more space for movement- I should have thought of them myself

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    Default Putting 88 shell back together

    I have a Flak 18 HE shell that I am restoring. What is the proper way to get the projectile back into the shell casing without damaging either one?

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    you need to expand the neck of the case,,for this i would take it to a machine shop,they might have a mandrel that will expand the neck for you,,

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    Default Re: Putting 88 shell back together

    So no hammers!!

    Thank You, there are a couple of shops nearby, I will try them.

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    Default Re: Putting 88 shell back together

    I've never had much difficulty getting a projectile back in a case- if the case was from a complete round originally, the removal of the projectile necessarily expands the case mouth enough to get it back in too; it might be tight, but it should be doable without resorting to deforming it further. Is the fit really so tight that you can't get it in or is it that you want to be able to remove it at will? If you don't care about getting it back out, you should be able to simply use gravity and momentum- put the shell in the case mouth, hold both a few inches off the round and let it fall (obviously not on a concrete surface or a soft carpet, but something rigid but that won't damage the case). Repeat until the shell is seated.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Thank You Matt, I had not yet attempted anything out of fear of damaging the case. It is quite tight, but does seem to seat into the case opening. I will give it a try and let you know.

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    Default Re: Putting 88 shell back together

    I don't know if it would help but you might be able to expand the case a bit by heating in boiling water, then following Matt L's advice.

    Depending on the machine shop, there might be some risk of splitting the case if you went that route.

    Good luck with it.

    Pat G.

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    Default Re: Putting 88 shell back together

    Water....I have water, great thought I will try that. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Putting 88 shell back together

    29THPZGR, If the projectile still won't fit after heating the casing you might try shrinking the projectile a tiny bit by placing it it the freezer for several hours or overnight. I have never put a shell back together like this but this method sometimes works well for installing other tight fitting objects such as bearings. Best of luck. Cass

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    Default Re: Putting 88 shell back together

    Thank you, I will try that as well. Just dropping it along with the case didn't quite work. It is difficult to keep the two pieces lined up correctly. Also, a rubber mallet did not have the punch to get it in any distance.

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    Well a combination of freezing the projectile and "bouncing" the round as per Mat's instructions got it done!
    Many thanks for all the help.

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