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Rifle Casing

Article about: Vamp Oh I am sorry my friend....I didn't notice you'd already told us ! <-----blushes and says sorry to the screen. If the headstamp says RA 41 then it is definitely a 30-06 made in 1941,

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    hi it looks like this, this is what i think :

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    Right, so its not .303, could be the type of round that zwerge mentioned, was there any US activity in the area in the past?



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    the base is 1.1cm wide and a 1mm thick lip

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    Not that i know of the us army was never on the beach where i found it although the 30-06 of the american springfield is over 1 and a bit mm out but shares the same base width

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    would you like me to post some pictures comparing some different shells i have a 8x57 mauser and a mosin one?

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    Pictures are useful but we're missing something vital here.

    Give the base of the cartridge a damn good scrub and let us know what the headstamp says. You can measure it all you like, the headstamp is the key here.


    Steve T

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    Is this what the HS looks like?The 30-06 case is 6.3cm long,so I think this is what you have.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rifle Casing   Rifle Casing  


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    the neck looks too long on that pic to be it, it has a short neck on it the casing looks to be oversized compared to the neck and neck taper.


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    The headstamp !! Clean the base of the cartridge and tell us what the headstamp says !!!


    Steve T

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    i told you Steve R A 41

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