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Rifle Casing

Article about: Vamp Oh I am sorry my friend....I didn't notice you'd already told us ! <-----blushes and says sorry to the screen. If the headstamp says RA 41 then it is definitely a 30-06 made in 1941,

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    Default Rifle Casing

    Hey guys.

    I done a walk today past some ww2 bunkers that have never been used they are falling apart now its a shame but eneyway i walking on the sands with a friend on the local beach and he bent down and picked up this rifle casing sat there in the sand and its it one of the most popular places too gold carts and golfers walk past the point all the time to get to there golf course. Any one know what it is off? Thanks.


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    picture uploads
    Attached Images Attached Images Rifle Casing 
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    Pictures would be useful, but I'd say that its more than likely a .303 Lee Enfield shell case you have found, I've found quite a few of them near and inside pill boxes that I've vistited.



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    Default Re: Rifle Casing

    Attached Images Attached Images Rifle Casing Rifle Casing Rifle Casing 

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    You must have uploaded that picture as I was typing, you'll have to upload bigger pictures to get a possitive ID for the shellcase, but I reckon that its a .303.



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    it wont let me it keeps saying they need to be 160x and i set them to that lolz but they keep knacking up lol. so you think it could be a .303 when you look at the bottom it dose not have a flare nere the percussion cap were my mosin rounds the 7.62x54 has a little lip these are just stright off then they taper in and then come back out to the ring around the percussion cap. i have tryed to clean them and from what i can see it looks like it says : R A 41 could this help?

    Thanks Danny m8


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    Does the bottom of it look anything like these two? Before we work out what the markings on the bottom mean it would be easiest to work out what kind of shell it is first


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rifle Casing  

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    Default Re: Rifle Casing

    Looks like a 30-06 american case with a Remington 1941 headstamp.

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    looks nothing like them m8

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    its got a quite tall neck where it tapers in for the projectile and a shot distance between the neck to the tip of the round by about 0.5cm.

    From the bottom to top casing it is 6.3cm
    casing bottom to neck 4.7cm
    neck to top 0.5

    it seems to have the percussion then a space about 1mm then back to the out side of the shell casing

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