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Article about: I paid 50 belge francs for 1 back in the 70s.from a museum keeper.

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    I paid 50 belge francs for 1 back in the 70s.from a museum keeper.

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    WOW!!!! You have a gold mine in your own back yard. I am sure a lot on collectors would like to have one of these.
    Just my thoughts,

    Quote by JERSEY 34 View Post
    Its hard to tell from the picture but has the base charge been removed from this one. This is the charge that lifts it out of the ground. I have attached a few photos of a set I have. Years ago it was still possible to go to our local sand dunes and dig these up. At the end of the the German Occupation here in Jersey the mines we made safe by removing the igniters and charge and basically more or less left in position. Some of the mines were still in great condition even with the eagle and swastika still showing on the lid. There were somewhere around 57,000 mines laid on the Island which is only 9 miles by 5.
    Value, well the better the mine the better the price and again its a local thing. If they are easyier to find they are less money than somewhere you don't expect to find them...Australia for example.
    All the best from Jersey.
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    The problem is in the UK now you cant own these legally as there was a law brought in a few years back banning AP mines across the board ,So if you own any AP mine even if Deact in the UK you are breaking the law , Funny that Anti Tank mines are still ok to own

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    see no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil.

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