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Sectioned 7.92 rounds.

Article about: I have just picked these up from a friend who brought them over to Jersey whilst on a visit from Europe. I have been looking forward to adding these to my collection for a little while and n

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    My guess would be #1 a plain Jane FMJ, #2 & 4 are tracers (white and green) #3,5,7 AP's. But not sure why the different shaped steel inserts. # 6 I would guess phosphorus.The last one would be an exploding round. I know they had 20mm and 30mm exploding rounds for aircraft armament, but not sure of the 7.92 rounds ??????? These are total guesses on my part.

    Good luck on your research. I know I'm interested in this one along with the K98 bayonets thread!!! Your on a roll Jersey and you have me waiting to find out answers.

    Semper Fi
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    Hi Phil,
    I would go along with your guesses. I will just have to knuckle down and check them out...... another couple of jobs on my to do list.

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    Hey Jersey,
    I was hard at work today at work
    But ran across this video talking about the exploding 7.92 round and thought you would enjoy it.

    Semper Fi

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