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Some of my collection

Article about: AK-47, cheers for the info, I hadn't thought of that.

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    For anyone interested here is a link to a web page about .303 Drill ammunition:-
    .303 Brittish (7.7x56 R)
    Cheers, Simon.

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    Thanks Simon,
    Some more useful info there.

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    Thanks Guy, glad to help
    Cheers, Simon.

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    Great collection!

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    Quote by shadowwolf View Post
    Slick Rick, its a 27 X 145 D/1 dated 1991, Mauser I think?
    Nice rounds there Simon and youre right thats a 27mmx145B Mauser as originally developed for the RAF Panavia Tornado GR1 and now being used in the Eurofighter Typhoon (where the bloody Government will permit!!!). Cheers mate, Tim.

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    Quote by Steve T View Post
    Very nice group you have there. I have been after a German 20mm for some time now so am understandably jealous !

    I was bidding on one on e-bay earlier this month but the damn thing was removed by the e-bay police !!!

    Rotten sods

    Steve T
    Steve its damn near impossible to sell anything on ebay remotely ammo related these days as theyve got sooooo strict! They pulled a solid 90-mm head i put on that had been used and listed as trench art door-stop! Problem is the other websites are nowhere near as good for flogging stuff as ebay. That said the 20mm Solothurn rounds are quite common at the militaria shows though now creeping up in value for good specimens and this one of Simons is a very quality one indeed!! Regards, Tim

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    Quote by packin9 View Post
    I know for gun barrels they are used,but....I really thought it was a condom. (sorta)
    Ok guys whos gonna volunteer and try this one out lol!!!

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    Blimey ! This is an old post ! Shadowwolf last posted in it in may 2010.

    I got quite a few 20mm rounds at this years W & P show thanks Tim so all sorted I needed a couple to go with the German 20mm mags I got from the army dump


    Steve T

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    Slick Rick, just in case you think the "Flak 38 wrap" is for wrapping the shell with I thought i should let you know that it is in fact the charge bag for the shell, it held the powder charge that was ignited by the primer which in turn fired the projectile. They are normally 3 letter coded, waffenampt and dated. I may be wrong but I think they were made of silk.
    Hope this helps.

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    Jersey (D)

    Thanks for confirming AK47's earlier educated guess. Makes a lot more sense than it being a cover.


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