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SS cartridges

Article about: Very cool cartridge cases......... !

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    Default SS cartridges

    G'day all,
    today my latest collectables arrived in the post after being cleared by Australian Customs, two SS shell casings. One is marked "DWM 1938 SS" the other is marked "DWM 1938 SS-TV"
    Thanks very much to Carl (Tiger88), who sent me these a month before his paypal account was set up - that is, a month before I could pay for them! A very decent thing to do and it speaks volumes about his character. Hope you all like them and thanks once again Carl, you're a champion mate!

    Cheers, Dave.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS cartridges   SS cartridges  

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    Default Re: SS cartridges

    Nice i like the SS-VT cartridge.

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    Default Re: SS cartridges

    A matching pair with my two!

    SS cartridges

    I think after 1938 the practice ceased of such markings for SS munitions but I stand to be corrected on this claim.

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    Aren't they interesting Glenn? I'm very pleased to have them, they don't seem to turn up too often.

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    Default Re: SS cartridges

    Yes, they are a nice addition to an SS collection and not found so often. There is a Russian dealer website that lists them at 5 or 6 euro each from memory so they must be about the cheapest SS marked items of all I reckon!

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    Well thats something new i've learned,never knew the SS stamped there own cartridges,nice looking items Dave & Glenn,regards minnie.

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    Default Re: SS cartridges


    Very cool. Interesting that even small munitions were marked with SS stamps. If your butt was shot off, they wanted you to know who did it! lol


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    Default Re: SS cartridges

    Hello, all are marked from 1938, like SS pouches. Is it a special program?

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    Default Re: SS cartridges

    pow's in camps made those cartridges IIRC. correct if wrong

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    Default Re: SS cartridges

    Wrong, the DWM stands for Deutsche Waffen und Munitions (Fabriken) of Berlin. There were no POWs in 1938. The TV stands for Technische Verwaltung (technical administration of the SS)

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