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SS marked charger clips?

Article about: Does anyone know if the SS stamped ammunition was supplied in SS marked clips?

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    Default Re: SS marked charger clips?

    In that case it would be quite plausible to come across such SS marked strips as well...These were often produced/shipped from the same factory...Thanks!

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    Like I said chaps, there is only one CLAIMED to be in existence, and that has not been shown to anyone yet by the alledged owner. Surely there would be documentary evidence somewhere out there in the ether if they ever existed, but other than the above claim, I can't find any.

    Regards, Ned.
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    Default Re: SS marked charger clips?

    Guys, i know its not a clip but here is a shell casing SS marked that i own, i know it's not the casing your asking for but, i thought it may help lead towards any further help on the matter,
    cheers for now
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS marked charger clips?   SS marked charger clips?  

    Attached Images Attached Images SS marked charger clips? SS marked charger clips? 

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    Thanks for all the responses,just to clarify I don't have a ss marked clip,just asked the question...I do have some cases and the straight pull mannlicher clips and rounds which are covered with what may be classified as a waffenamt but is very clearly an army looking eagle/swastika and because those boxes,rounds and stripper clips are thus marked I just wondered if the ss did the same thing...big ned it does make you wonder about this bloke in holland having one but not showing anyone..seems unusual

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    A friend of mine told me he saw a picture on the net.
    * We have the 98 k marked,
    * The cartridge marked,
    * Ammo pouches marked.
    So, why not?

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    Default Re: SS marked charger clips?

    Hi there,any chance of seeing your K98 and ammo pouches marked with ss?

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    Default Re: SS marked charger clips?

    You ask, you have!

    The bayonet frog

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    Default Re: SS marked charger clips?

    I am prepared to beleive the existance of marked clips being a possiblity. Just never seen or heard of one. I have seen plenty of marked ammo.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS marked charger clips?

    Fantastic lebus,hope I can find some items like this at some stage..thank you so much for showing!

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