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Tellermines found in Jersey

Article about: Living on the Island of Jersey which was Occupied for 5 years by the German armed forces it is not all that unusual to have the odd piece of ordnance turn up every now and again. I help our

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    In Guernsey 66,000 mines were laid on the island, the occasional one still turns up! last year Guernsey police Bomb squad found a British parachute mine type A in bluebell woods overlooking St Peter port, this was one of a stick dropped in 1944 in St peter port harbour, its twin was found in 1996 , but that one the Germans had removed the explosives and used it on a raid in Granville
    Last years was armed anf fully live, the Navy were called to deal with it.
    Also a month later a live Tactical depth charge was recovered from a wreck of an armed trawler that was bombed outside St peter port.
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    Could it be possible that they were stacked to add power to the detonation if a large vehicle (Landing craft) was to strike the top mine.

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    Hi Fuzeman, was that a raid on Grouville ot Granville? I don't recall a raid on Grouville, but Granville was a bit of daring do by the Germans.
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    Hi m3bobby,
    No, I don't think so. They are more likely to have come from the anti tank defences further up by the beach and most likely they were dumped at the low water mark just to get rid of them. Out of sight out of mind.

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    Sorry incorrect should have said Granville not Grouville , now corrected thanks

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