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are these still live

Article about: You should be VERY careful with that 2CM FLAK round. Even though I believe that those fuzes have inertial safeties that need to be spun up to arm, the fuze's gaine which sits down into the T

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    You should be VERY careful with that 2CM FLAK round. Even though I believe that those fuzes have inertial safeties that need to be spun up to arm, the fuze's gaine which sits down into the TNT filler gets more and more unstable with age as does the TNT that surrounds it.
    under NO circumstances attempt to unscrew the fuze from the body of the projectile. The TNT was poured with paraffin which over the years out-gasses carrying raw nitroglycerine into the threads of the screw. You try to unscrew it and BINGO. You are strawberry jam.

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    these have been droped from hight knocked about kicked about ive moved home 4 times and they have been rolling around on a big 18 wheel artic lorry in a old rusty tool box with heavy hard core spanners and wrenches inside for the past 8 years .lol

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    Does not mean they are inert. Sometimes luck runs out.

    A french collector sent me a German AZ-23 fuze for an 8.8cm round. Came through customs without a hitch. Only problem is that it's live.

    I'm stuck with it.

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    Where about's are you? With a name like ASBO, I guess it's the UK, if your in the North of Scotland then I may be able to check them for you.

    I'll be quite blunt and say, no matter how much you want to sell these, it's not worth it if you can't prove there safe. If you kill yourself, that's one thing, but sell it on and something happens to another, no court will have any sympathy with you and you will go down for a long time. There was a boy who was seriously injured a few years ago after he bought what was purported to be a demilitarised mortar from Spain, and began to take it apart, he was very lucky not to have been killed. If there not certified FFE, ring the Police, they will call EOD and they will collect them for disposal.

    If all the items are safe, they maybe worth 150 top wack and that's not worth yours or someone else's life.

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    now that i think about it , they came from an old man who was a police commissioner. i fitted new windows for him and i left my two marshall town trowels behind, i remember coz i was gutted they cost me a fortune and i had had them for a while so worked for me well thing is i cant for the life of me remember where the job was. guess i will get rid of the two in question and sell the rest. thanks for the advice and all the help guys. you never know you may have saved a life today.

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    If you ignore the cheesy music, this vid shows some of the dems my team carried out in Iraq in 2005. Most of this stuff is Anti Aircraft Ammo, Tank ammo, Mines and mortars. Granted there was a lot of it but some of it had been left out in the elements from the Iraq Iran war and it was still as potent as the day it was made.

    By get rid, please ring the Police, you don't need to give excuses, just tell them that an old man gave them to you but you think it would be safer to dispose of them. You are doing the safe and right thing and NO ONE can argue with that.

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    A mate of mine blew himself up with a mortar round that was found in the Ardennes. He had it for a while.

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    a good friend of mine lost his hand and almost his voice box in Iraq. got a good pay out and put it all up his nose within a year, dont get me wrong i'm well aware of the dangers, i might be a bit stupid but theres one thing i'm not an thats urm stupid. lol. no seriously they will be gone tomorrow afternoon as soon as i clear my house of all the other illegal shit i have lying around shifted. thanks all .

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