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are these still live

Article about: You should be VERY careful with that 2CM FLAK round. Even though I believe that those fuzes have inertial safeties that need to be spun up to arm, the fuze's gaine which sits down into the T

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    Default are these still live

    Hi all this is my first time on this site and i was wondering if anyone can help me out by identifying some cannon ammo i have. an old man gave them to me about 8 years ago when i was fitting his windows.. forgot i had them now i just found them and two of the shells look pretty much live to me. should i get them out the house quick or am i safe. allso would you know if they have any value to them as i would be looking to sell if anyone interested. thanks.
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Name:	ammo 001.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 002.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 003.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 004.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 005.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 006.jpg 
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ID:	690170  

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    To me it looks like the primer caps are still in place, but rhe pics are a bit too blurry, i would exercise caution and not leave them standing upright,in case they get knocked over, some of the other members may have other opinions so wait and see

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    yeah sorry about pics i.m sure that the primers haven't been struck and there is defiantly stuff inside there also very heavy. Would you happen to know if there legal to own or better still to sell on, if they have any value that is.? thanks for your advice.

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    Well with these photos, to me it looks like the primer of the larger one has been struck, but the photo is not clear, Can we get a better photo of the top of the projectile of the larger one please?, Do either of the projectiles come away from the case's?, do the fuses come off easily?

    Dean O

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ammo 2 001.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 2 002.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 2 003.jpg 
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Name:	ammo 2 004.jpg 
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ID:	690256 fuses are as tight as can be now i cleaned the bottom and taken a pic in a better light it dos look as though its been struck. but it still sounds as though its full of something or other when i shake it. lol. if you dont hear a responce to the next reply dont worry i will probably have just blown my brains out in the back garden.

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    projectiles well and truly fixed nothing is giving.

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    I don't really see anything that places you in imminent danger... just don't start hammering at them, to be on the safe side, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    The Large one has been struck,, it looks to have a transportation plug in it, but I am not 100% sure. if you shake it around and hear stuff moving around, then it tends not to me propellant in the case or explosive in the projectile... as a rule the explosive in the projectile was poured in as a liquid to fill all areas so it flew correctly, and the case was usually packed tight with either grains or sticks of cordite as propellant, larger shells, the casings had bags of propellant in them, but these small ones I am unsure of.

    Just My Thoughts.

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

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    thats a relieve thanks Glenn.

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    That 2cm Flak could be live, and they can be nasty.

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