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US Hand/Bomb Dropped Projectile

Article about: a fellow collector gave this piece to me and told me the Germans would drop them from planes. did a bit of research but only came up with one example on a reference site. supposedly this is

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    Yep thats what im worried about. May get a knock on the door but the authoritys. I will keep ya posted

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    Tell the seller to put on it "Metal Model" and you
    should have no problems.........

    BTW, what did he charge you for postage ?


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    It comes up saying $3 postage but it wouldnt let me pay for it. I emailed the seller saying it wont let me pay and i just got this reply....

    "Hi Marc,This means that for some reason, ebay is not qualifying your location for their Global Shipping Program. I'm sorry to say that without that option I cannot ship it to you without charging an extra $8 for international shipping. Let me know if you are still interested and I will make a change to the listing. Thanks,Dan

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    Sorry to hijack thread

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    When I was a kid my local Army/Navy Surplus store had boxes of these. I bought a few for $.10 each. They were very interesting and I wish I knew where they ended up.

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    Just paid the total $20usd inc freight to Australia Marked them as Metal model

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    Lets hope no one gets in trouble! Im sure if it was marked "non explosive bomb" you may run into trouble but if he marked it as a "child's toy" im sure those custom officers would look right past it. I personally think it will come, it is not a projectile everyone knows about and I bet the custom officers would not know what it is anyways... good luck,

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    I saw a few of these at the gun show today. The guy was busy helping people so I don't know what he was asking.

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    I went back to the gun show today and he wanted $20 each for them. I passed. Bought ammo cans instead.

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    Quote by M14sRock View Post
    I went back to the gun show today and he wanted $20 each for them. I passed. Bought ammo cans instead.
    $20 each!! What we're they made of, frikkin' platinum???
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    I've seen them for less on-line, but after postage
    it amounts to about the same. They're less
    than 2" long.........!


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