It is the Black item in the photos

It is about 25 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide

It was purchased by my Grandfather in 1953 from Camp Stanley, TX

He worked there as a civilian helping retrofit machineguns on airplanes for 4 years

He always said it was a rocket fin, he probably new.

As you can see in the pic where I have it in the ammo box, there are 4 distinct evenly spaced (male) brackets, that appear as if they would slide into (female) brackets on the body of a rocket. I am not sure if this would have been a 3 fin configuration or 4 fin.

I do know that great detail was undertaken to accurately rivet this metal band down the side and a thinner one covering the upper angled portion, and the milling of the wood is very precise.

There are no dates or manufacturer marks or letters on it whatsoever
I do have more than 1 of these, and they are all manufactured identical.

It is strange that it is painted black, usually olive green was the color associated with ww2 and brown ww1

I have searched the Internet over and over, but only found a few pics even close, and they were items donated to the Smithsonian by the Air Force, and they aren't even on display.

I am most interested in first identifying them, if anyone can help, or insight to where on the internet they could be identified.

I don't know if this was ww1, ww2, or possibly a later experimental project that was scrapped, right after the war.

They don't appear as if they were ever used, and the military must have thought they weren't going to need them, because he was allowed to purchase them, by the hundreds

Not sure how to post pics here, but here is a link with pics

WW2 Wooden Rocket Fin - Webstore item#20582511