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ww2 shooting range

Article about: after years of poking around the place finally took the metal detector over for a planned visit, My father had recommended an area behind the 500 yard range, there's always plenty of bullets

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    Just the official permission from the areas conservation officer to dig and detect as much as i want on this site!!! they are spending millions on terraforming, removing vegetation to expose the natural sand dunes, i have even got permission to detect on another local NATURE RESERVE!! this is unheard of. But as removing vegetation can only help the process they are happy for me to continue, that will show all those noisy dog walkers who shout...''you can do that here'' ha ha ha

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    Permission or not, if the area has an active bye-law covering it, you can be prosecuted for the removal of any item. A number of members of this forum have found this out the hard way, so please check. I wouldn't want you getting into trouble!!

    Nice to see you have permission to dig on common land where the range is situated. Many people assume that common land gives them free access to do whatever they please. This isn't the case, and a landmark decision, (well.....landmark for metal detectorists), recently has clarified the law. The use of MDs on common land, without the landowners permission, does not constitute 'common usage' or 'recreational usage' and the MDer who brought the case has ended up with substantial costs to pay, and the confiscation of all items he recovered from the common land.

    It sounds a very exciting site and I look forward to seeing more of your finds

    Steve T

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    One other quick thing to help with your cleaning, take a look at the below thread.

    Rock tumblers - The easy way to clean WW2 relics

    Like you, I used to spend hours cleaning cartridges, but now spend 5 minutes putting them into my rock tumbler and leaving them for a day. A quick rub with a Brillo pad, and job's a good 'un.

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    thanks for the cautionary advice, but no By-Law in force, just have to be weary of unexploded ordinance, mills bomb etc, i am an avid collector and have been doing this sort of thing for many years also ex-military and my kids are all in service, this site is a bit of a gift horse, and was apparently in use from Victorian times as a shooting range, decommissioned in 1966 when the red flags finaly came down and the area was opened to the public, my father recollects signs (long since gone) warning about picking up any objects etc. i will post some pics tomorrow
    when i return

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    Great I too have been doing this for many years and believe in sharing knowledge and experience with all. Just off to post my latest finds in the archaeology forum. Nip and have a look in about 15 mins

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    going to try abd build my own rock tumbler looks extremely useful, hands covered in blisters from cleaning too much brass

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    LOL ! I know what you mean. I have recovered over 4000 cartridges and, without the tumbler, my fingers would be bloody stumps by now

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    If you have a surplus of .303 or .30 cals or could find some then I'd love to buy some off you. I'm after some for my L3A2 and my Vickers.

    Cheers, Chris.

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    Default oops live ordinance

    UPDATE, huge day today,
    these are the items i was allowed to remove after handing in some live rounds
    ww2  shooting range

    and below some of the live amo left behind
    ww2  shooting range

    over 300 303 rounds, or shells or whatever you prefer to call them, a lovely cap badge and some old coins
    the amo tins are beyond saving and are all welded together, this site is huge and we really have only scratched the surface

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    Did you find the Welch badge today? Very cool find. I know the area you mean as I used to live in Cardiff and have been to those dunes a number of times.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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