A good Internet buddy posted this yesterday on a web board we both frequent. Considering the circumstances, someone is very lucky they did not buy the items and blow themselves or their house up!

" We went to my mom's over the weekend for our monthly check up of her and my monthly punch out list of things she needed done around the house. My wife and I wanted to go check out an estate sale a few blocks away, so we took off for a bit. As we were parking, I got a phone call. I told my wife to go ahead, and I'd try to catch up with her.

Well, while still on the phone, my wife came out of the house with a few small items she found, and told me that there were a few war relics in the house I may want to come and see...I told her that I didn't have time, that we needed to head back for dinner, perhaps we'd go on Sunday.

Good thing we didn't go back...She remembers seeing these grenades and thought they looked like something I would want. I'm glad she didn't go back in and buy them..."

From the local newspaper website...

"Two Japanese grenades found among items at an estate sale

KETTERING — The Dayton Bomb Squad responded to the 900 block of Lincoln Park Boulevard in Kettering Sunday evening after two explosive devices were found at an estate sale.
Two Japanese grenades from the World War II era were discovered at the sale, according to bomb squad officials. Concerned, those at the sale notified the Kettering police. Officers shut down the street until the Dayton Bomb Squad arrived.
Officials confiscated the explosives and safely detonated them in an open field near Stroop and Tait roads behind Kettering Medical Center.
“Instead of having a pin like American (grenades) have, they had string,” said Larry Hyatt, who conducted Sunday’s estate sale. “And it was really rotten-looking string.”
Aged explosives can be extremely sensitive. Kettering police on Sunday suspended radio transmission and told those close to the house not to use their cellphones because frequencies can trigger an explosion.
“If you have old ammunition and things, that (the explosives) can be a hazard — especially if you don’t have them secured properly,” said Kettering Police Officer Ron Roberts. “You need to contact your local law enforcement agency and have them disposed of properly. If you’re unsure, we can come out and check them.”
Curious neighbors wandered outside their homes on Sunday. The area is densely residential, and Lincoln Park is a widely traveled road. There is a park nearby.
“My grandpa was a war vet and he had a bunch of stuff around,” said Josh Myers, who lives two blocks from 958 Lincoln Park, where the grenades were discovered. “You just have to hope (those materials) are not in the wrong hands.”

Someone is a very lucky soul that they didn't purchase these items. We had a similar incident here a few years back when a new homeowner found a 50 cal Ammo can with 4 of these inside and tossed it in the trash. They went off inside the recycling truck while being compacted!