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50 unissued Panzerkampfabzeichen

Article about: wow!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah Wow!

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    Sold for $12,400.00

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    Jesus, I would love one of these. I have never seen anything so mint.

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    It works out at $248 per piece. If the buyer is going to sell them you can add another, let's say $100 to the price? $348 for a mint boxed PKA is quite good IMO. I would pay it.
    Obviously, my price is mere speculation, I can see the price being doubled to about $500.

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    good to see how they would have looked at the award ceremony


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    I only wish I could have found it first. lol

    If I had found this, and if it would have cost me nothing, I would have given each of you one! We could have made those WAF guys jealous.

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    Very impressive, I still remember how surprised I was when I saw this auction online about a year ago.

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    Funny how almost unbeleivable finds like that happen once in a while however much less frequently than before...In the 70's when I was very active "my dealer" (I only dealt with one dealer in XXXXX city who was as honest as the day is long, fair and always managed to find me great stuff so I had no need for more sources!). He often had stuff like that, by the boxfull...Once it was a lot of mint Herman Aurich silver and bronze Panzer assault badges with tissue in their orginal boxes (sold the badges when I got rid of most of my collection in 1980 but kept the boxes because they buyer didnt want them; now the boxe are worth almost as much as the badges!). Another time it was a lot of mint 1st pattern Schwerin tombac eboats; another time, mint Schwerin tombac High seas fleet, mixed in with some equally mint Juncker Auxiliary cruiser badges. Tons of minty insignia too: NSDAP wool armbands, collar tabs, buckles with RZM labels, new cap and bevo uniform insignia by the roll etc .

    It was quite stunning to see this stuff in such condition (and in such volumes) compared to the vet bring backs I was used to seiing around here. At first I was worried they were copies but they looked perfect whe compared to originals and I was told they came from sailors coming into port from Eastern block countries who were more than happy to share their "national treasures" for a bit of cash since they had lots of it over there. The trick I guess was to move this stuff slowly enough not to flood the market so they were never available by the boxfull directly to collectors like in this case but boxes (and rolls) must have been a common site to dealers...


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