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Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

Article about: A very bad picture..

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    Default Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    A very bad picture..

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    Circuit advertisement Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.
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    Default Re: "Daisy" Panzerkampfabzeichen

    Bronze versions I don't believe are particularly rare, here's my 'Daisy' in bronze:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.   Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.  

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    Default Re: "Daisy" Panzerkampfabzeichen

    Thanks Adrian, I forgot the rear part...

    I think I can pay 280 for that?

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    Default Re: Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    I don't know what the current market value of these variant badges is right now but I'm sure someone else can give you advice on what you should pay.

    I've also moved this to a seperate thread.

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    Default Re: Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    Hello Both,
    my original thoughts were that this is supposed to be a late war semi hollow zinc Hymmen in my opinion. I do believe that these are quite hard to come across.

    I then thought it could be the flat headed fake;
    Check this thread out Hymmen Panzerkampf Abzeichen hollow zinc - Militaria Forums,and it certainly looks to be a near relative to the one that started the thread.

    BUT now that I have looked in my Panzerkampf Abzeichen file that this could be a nice zinc Deumer....hope this helps.

    Value? 280 sounds a little high to me...It's a buyers market out there

    Other opinions would be welcomed

    Adrian That is a lovely Daisy you posted

    All the best
    Last edited by Saladin; 01-10-2013 at 01:39 PM.

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    Default Re: Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    Looks like a hollow zinc Deumer to me.

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    Default Re: Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    Finally, I bought it at 250 .

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    Default Re: Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    Quote by Anubis View Post
    Looks like a hollow zinc Deumer to me.
    I agree with Hans.
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    Default Re: Hollow Daisy Panzerkampfabzeichen.

    Mr Lebus that isn't a bad price..I've seen them go for 180 to 220, so you are bang on at 200.....Nice looking abzeichen, I have a daisy myself love it...looks great in the collection cabinet..Cheers Terry.

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