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Article about: Hi guys I need your opinions about PKA badge.Who is maker,is needle sistem ok,tombak? Thanks for answers. Best regards,Bojan Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Panzerkampfabzeichen

    Hi guys

    I need your opinions about PKA badge.Who is maker,is needle sistem ok,tombak?

    Thanks for answers.

    Best regards,Bojan


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    Hi Bojan,

    It's a nice hollow Wurster type 1.2.3 'Organised Grass Pattern' in bronze, the material is tombak. These are not rare at all, but they are desirable as probably the next earliest PAB design after Juncker, and the fact the design is fantastic, the whole badge oozes the quality of these early designs. Some may think the hardware has been repaired/re soldered, but this is typical of how they were afffixed using a solder/flux mix that leaves this greenish to white residue around the base of the fittings. It's completely normal and nothing to worry about, don't be tempted to clean it off!

    A great badge to have!

    Regards, Ned.
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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Hi Bojan,

    A great badge to have!
    I could not agree more. For me these are among the nicest of all the PAB designs. Nothing wrong with yours at all


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    Big ned and Watchdog-thanks!!!)))

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    great badge.

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